A R T I S T   R U S S E L L   D A L E S S I O

A r t l o o k

An Art Show for your Coffee Table

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"V i v a   A r t L o o k!"

Artlook is a juicy carnival tour through the color-filled world of Maine artist Russell D'Alessio.  This new coffee table book is beautifully conceived, artfully crafted and offers peeks through its own paper doors of a wondrous world of fascinating femmes.  Stylish, elegant, sexy and whimsical, D'Alessio's images come alive in a dance of life and love of the feminine mysteries.   Viva Artlook"  writes Anthony Anderson of Maine Gallery Guide and "Cafe des Artistes" a Maine radio show.

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  Art Look coffee table book Artlook (front cover art for book) An inside look at some pages in Artlook
L. Hand painted front cover of Coffee Table Book Artlook
M.  Original acrylic and ink drawing on paper for outside cover of protective box for Artlook  30 x 24 framed
R.  Sample of pages inside Artlook
   "A Tour through the World of Artist Russell D'Alessio"

Signed Limited Edition of 100

 This handcrafted edition was conceived, written, constructed, printed, cut and hand bound completely by the artist in his studio. Each book also includes an individual original abstract painting on the front cover.

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Interview about "Art Look"
from the Artists Perspective

What is Artlook?  How does one have a gallery show in a box?

     Russ:  "Artlook" is a coffee table book that is designed and executed by me showcasing my paintings, prints, drawings, many of them will be seen here for the first time.  The story line in the book is also written by me about myself and my work. 

"It's sub-title "Gallery Show in a Box" stems from the protective cover box that houses the book, an art piece in itself.

What was the impetus for the book?

     Russ:  The art of printing has always been a second creative outlet for me.  Creating and constructing, then printing my work through various printing processes challenges all aspects of my creativity

How and where was it published?

     Russ:  I wanted the challenge of the whole project.  Everyone wants to see their work in print but I wanted the added factor of creating it from start to finish in the studio.  By doing this I was able to control the entire look and create elements of surprise throughout.

Are the works in the book for sale?

     Russ:  Yes, several of the works are available, many are currently up on the website.

How many books in this edition will you create?

     Russ:  The edition is 100, again each conceived, executed, and built by me.  Each one has its own special touches using different hand made papers, original paintings on the cover and its own drawing when signed and numbered.

Tell me about the outside cover?

     Russ:  It was a totally separate art challenge for me.  I wanted to house the book for protection but at the same time make the path of discovery to the book intriguing. 

Do you have any additional thoughts you would like to share on the book?

     Russ:  Only that folks enjoy and take pleasure in having added it to their art collection.


   Coffee Table Book Set 

 ●  Hardcover, hand bound, signed by the artist  62 page book featuring paintings & drawings with original abstract painting on cover

 ●  Heavy protective art box printed inside and out (see painting above) to hold the book, coated for protection.


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